Nema Children’s Choir Uganda in Canada!

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Our friends from Uganda were here in Toronto in June 2013, with P. Daniel Mutibwa, to raise funds for their School and Home!  We were so happy to play host for one of their days.

Kids day out with Kids Canada, PTMOF, Art to Heart and The Nema Children’s Choir Uganda took us to Toronto Centre Island where the kids were treated to a full day of rides at the Centreville Amusement Park – thanks to our Kids Canada donors.  After a long fun day,  we prepared a wonderful dinner together -thanks to the generous gift card donations from Peter’s No Frills (Landsdowne) and our generous sponsors.  We were then treated to a beautiful performance of drums, dance and singing after dinner.  Kaia Quan-Heffron helped her friends make marshmallow squares and helped her friends to kick start a micro business making her signature flower rings from her company, The Lemon Jar.


Miriam Kutesa for helping with transportation to get the children to and from Centre Island!

Denise Lo, Art to Heart, for treating us all to Pizza and for all of your help!

Toronto Centre Island,  Pizza Pizza, Cigdem Coskun, Diana Tso, Kaia and Wyatt Quan-Heffron for your support!

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