Hand Ups NOT Hand outs

Hand Ups NOT Hand outs  -Tell us How we can Help each other.    Reduce Reuse Recycle (3Rs)  gardening project -just one of our many sustainable projects.  Thanks John Richard Pendergast!

Every child is unique and many organizations cannot support the needs of every child due to limited resources. Kids Canada (Kids Can) and Uganda Kids Canada (U kids Can), an initiative of Kids Canada, are organizations that believe in hand ups, not handouts, and help to connect schools and organizations in Uganda and in Canada so that no kids are left behind.

We have been working in Uganda for 17 months and have been excited to receive many requests to join hands with many schools and organizations.  Regrettably, at the present time,  we are unable to work with everyone due to limited resources and funding.  Kids Can and U kids Can only partners with those who are able to bring what they can to the collective table so that every child and youth is empowered through collaboration and shared resources.

We are non-denominational and non-political, we are supporters of all human rights and we believe in transparency and accountability -we demand nothing less from those we move with.  Work with us to break through the glass walls of stereotypes, gender and racial discrimination, dependency and entitlement -all that hold us back.  Tell us how we can help each other –Please do not come to us for hand outs.   🙂

Proud to be partnering with amazing schools, organizations, businesses  and professionals in both Uganda and in Canada!   Together we can.






3 thoughts on “Hand Ups NOT Hand outs

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  2. Gilbert Musinguzi

    I like what You do nyabo and hope to work with kids can in future . Kids enjoy colours as they paint and always have intresting ideas i Hope we Can do an painting workshop when You are back in UG.

    1. Maylynn Post author

      Webale Nyo for your kind words and support, Gilbert! We have a few young aspiring artists in our group who will be
      absolutely thrilled to have you mentor them! Please don’t wait until I am back in Uganda as our kids need to see
      Ugandans supporting Ugandans. I promise you will want to return once you meet them 🙂


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