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 Kids Canada (Kids Can) and Uganda Kids Canada (U Kids Can)  kids helping kids  -crossing all cultural and economic borders for fun!

KIDS CANADA -kids helping kids.
We connect schools and organizations to break through the glass walls of cultural stereotypes, gender and racial discrimination, dependency and entitlement -crossing all cultural and economic borders for fun. We educate and empower our kids beyond text books and school walls through cultural exchanges of arts and technology. Because we believe that a kids’ home life impacts their success in and out of school, we support the family unit as whole by kick starting micro businesses and sustainable health and nutritional projects. Kids are often seen as vulnerable and dependent but we see them as they are; they inspire, play and work hard at everything that is thrown their way.

We are non-denominational and non-political, we are supporters of all human rights and we believe in transparency and accountability -we demand nothing less from those we move with. Tell us how we can help each other –Please do not come to us for hand outs.

Uganda Kids Canada is a Kids Canada initiative that connects kids in both Canada and Uganda -for now. Heartfelt thanks to all of our kids, supporters, mentors and donors – we can not do all that we do without each and every one of you!


Director, Founder of KIDS CANADA

Associate Director of UGANDA KIDS CANADA


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We believe in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Every child is unique and many organizations cannot support the needs of every child due to limited resources.   Kids Canada (Kids Can) and Uganda Kids Canada (U kids Can), an initiative of Kids Canada, are organizations that believe in hand ups not handouts.  By helping to connect schools and organizations in Uganda and in Canada, no kids are left behind.

In Canada we work with Dundas Junior Public School, First Nations Public School, the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club In Canada, Queen Alexandra Middle School and Greystones Health Centre. In Uganda we work with, Uganda Kids Canada, Amadinda, Lungujja Community Health Caring Organization, Events Medical Managers, Rwenzori Action for Development, Grassroot Women Development Organization,  Raising Women,  Tiva Water, Uganda and the Uganda Olympic Committee.

Thank you Dundas Jr Public School PENNY AND NICKLE DRIVE for CLEAN WATER


Clean water, nutrition and health continue to be important to Kids Canada.   Kids Can and U Kids Can are the new kids on the block but within our first 17 months we collectively raised funds for  14 sustainable biosand water filtration systems and 5  vegetable and medicinal herb gardens in organizations that have little to no land.  Thank you For your 3Rs Garden project ideas and support John Richard Pendergast. www.recycling.moonfruit.com 

HEALTH CARE   We are so excited to team up with EVENTS MEDICAL MANAGERS  and LUNGUJJA COMMUNITY HEALTH CARING ORGANISATION  in Uganda and GREYSTONES HEALTH in Canada to help educate rural communities and to ensure health care is made accessible to our kids.

HELPING TO REDUCE OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT  This new year promises to be exciting as Kids Canada, Uganda Kids Canada and Dundas Junior Public School join hands with  First Nations school of Toronto to raise funds for sustainable water filtration systems for our friends here in our First Nations communities.  We are also excited to partner with the Uganda Olympic Committee to help reduce our carbon footprint with our water project. Our biosand filtration systems will help reduce the use of plastic water bottles and help conserve our natural resources, wood and coal, presently used to boil water for drinking.


Find us on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/kidscanadaorg

Our initiatives are generously supported by many incredible friends, artists and family who have made personal donations – not only monetarily…

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Please feel free to say hello.  We would love to hear from you 🙂

x0x Maylynn,  Kaia and Wyatt


Maylynn Quan founder, director of Kids Canada and Uganda Kids Canada          quan.maylynn@gmail.com     


Esther Mirembe, associate director of Uganda Kids Canada        estherdawnies@gmail.com

Kids Canada  gratefully acknowledges the support of local businesses and supporters in both Kampala and in Toronto.

IMG_5492 copynahel

 Agwata Culture Troupe

Amadinda Uganda

Beaches Natural Foods   1939 Queen Street East   Toronto, Canada

Canadian Consulate Uganda  Sarah Rubanga Kaggwa, Honourary Vice Consul

Catharina Goldnau Ceramics   https://www.facebook.com/catharinagoldnauceramics.org     Toronto Canada

Downtown Camera    55 Queen ST E.    Toronto, Canada

Ecojot   http://www.ecojot.com   Toronto, Canada

Events Medical Managers    https://www.facebook.com/eventsmedicalmanagers.org  Kampala, Uganda

Grassroot Women Development Organization

Greystones Health   http://www.greystoneshealth.com  Toronto, Canada

Humans of Uganda

Keeffaa Ethiopian   368 Queen ST E.    Toronto, Canada

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant       https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kyoto-Japanese-And-Turkish-Restaurant/439011486123183   Kampala, Uganda

Magic Oven Resto-Bar     360 Queen St E.   Toronto, Canada

Miso Garden Korean BBQ & Sushi  misogardenmfb@gmail.com

NOTurUNCLEbob  Toronto/Vancouver CanadaGrassroot Women Development Organization

Toronto District School Board       Dundas Jr Public School, Queen Alexandra Middle School, First Nations Jr and Sr School of Toronto

Tiva Water   Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Olympic Committee

Rwenzori Action for Development

Love and Care Uganda

Lungujja Community Health Caring Organisation

Kasozi Standard School


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