We’re Building Bridges

Building bridges figuratively, that is. We continue to connect kids from here in Canada with our kids in Uganda to help build a world of compassion, kindness and human rights for all. In order to secure our centre in Uganda; we are building a wall.

We are using what is thought to have been a Dutch architectural design that can be found predominantly in the UK and Netherlands but according to Wikipedia serpentine walls were discovered in a recently discovered ancient Egyptian city they believe dates back 3000 years. We were excited when our friend Karim showed us a pink wavy wall in Kampala, Uganda. Commonly called serpentine or wavy walls -the British call it a Crinkle Crankle wall and we’re going to go with that! The cool thing about this design is that the curves reduce the amount of bricks and mortar needed; exactly what a tight budget screams for. To save costs, we continue to make our own bottle-bricks to teach our kids how to divert plastic waste from dumps and landfills and help them preserve Uganda’s traditional method of building by making our own mud bricks.

But, we can use some help. Please donate generously here. For the last 8 years, Kids Canada has been 100% volunteer driven and 100% of our funds raised go towards our initiatives. Your funds for this project will all hit the ground to help local businesses, purchase building supplies (cement, sand, gravel, wood, nails), food (we provide lunch), transport (for supplies) and provide jobs. Your support helps us to secure our centre and provides much needed work opportunities for our kids and their moms. Our moms are often the sole providers for their homes and our kids also work hard to support themselves and their families.

When the world was stopped in its tracks by the Covid 19 pandemic -Master Teresa, of PURELAND QIGONG, reached out to ask us how she could help. She has worked tirelessly to reduce the cost of her workshops and offered free classes by donation to help her students during a time when work stopped for many of us.  Thanks to her and all of her students, many of you reading this now, we have been able to kickstart our UKC Crinkle Crankle Wall project to help secure our centre; a centre that we feel will raise compassionate and kind little humans who will fight for human rights for all. We have no words to express our gratitude; you’ve made our hearts and the hearts of our kids smile. Thank you!

Heartfelt thanks to Pureland QiGong, Catharina Goldnau Ceramics, Aries Cheung Graphic Design, Greystones Health, Back To Balance Pilates, Karim Wissanji, Melanie DuChateau, Rose Kady, Ella Kirk, Helen Quan, The Watsons, Downtown Camera, Uganada Friendship Project, The Sky is My Limit, The CEO Confidant, Oskar-Philip Goldnau-Vogt, The Quans, The Lemon Jar

Most of all THANK YOU to each and of every one of you who has generously reached out with donations, time, advice and skills. We can not do all that we do without you! 💗

Building bridges since 2012

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