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UGANDA KIDS CANADA   17 months 14 sustainable Water Filtration Systems and 5 vegetable and medicinal herb gardens in Uganda.

Here in Kampala, Uganda for 6 weeks and we can not believe how much ground we have covered in only 3 weeks.  Clean water, nutrition and health continue to be important for all of us.


Thank you Dundas Jr Public School in Toronto!  Heartfelt thanks to Maria Arone, Melissa Hardill, Loreen Gale, Cathy Gallo, Nada Ly, Lisa Lucas, Tony Cassano, teachers, parent council, parents and students for your continued support!  Last year’s Penny Drive had an incredibly positive impact on our group of children in both Canada and in Uganda. Although our pennies have been discontinued – we were so excited to hear that Dundas was holding a Nickle Drive this year from April 7th -April 17th!  Your generous efforts, along with the generous donations from our supporters in Toronto and in Kampala will have us assembling and delivering more sustainable water filtration systems in and around Kampala.  We are also excited to announce that funds will soon be raised jointly with First Nations Public School in Toronto for clean water in one of our First Nations communities  in Canada.

nahelhulk gals

Thank you again Daniel and Wilter Ololia and Charles Lukyamuzi of TivaWater, Kampala, Catharina Goldnau Ceramics,  Downtown Camera, Greystones Health, Events Medical Managers, Dundas Jr Public School, Ecojot, The Lemon Jar, Downtown Camera, Little Pear Garden, Zpango, Beaches Natural Foods, Melanie Duchateau, Cigdem, Maxensia, Loren Wong and Family, A&E Soap, Nahel Fekadu of Magic Oven,  Elsabet Wuubi, Transmedia9, Michael Williams of Staples,  Karim Wissanji, the Wissanji Grandkids, Winston Quan Hum and Eva Quan and Family for your support from the get go and for your generous donations that are moving us a little faster 🙂

Please visit, support and share our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/kidscanadaorg



TivaWater biosand filters have been tested and certified by UNBS (Uganda National Bureau of Standards) and approved by WHO (World Health Organization).

T-07 T-04

Here is a simplified explanation of how a biosand water filtration system works:


Kids Canada and Uganda kids Canada (U Kids Can) are the new kids on the block of organizations but in 17 months we are so proud to say that we  have 14 TivaWater  biosand water filtration systems on the ground in and around kampala, Uganda -thanks to the funds raised jointly by kids in Canada and in Uganda.  Heartfelt thanks to our supporters and donors in both Canada and in Uganda who help to top up the water funds when needed.  To the staff, parents and the kids of our organizations and schools -we could not do all that we do without your generous support and spirit! 

Thank you to our Uganda Kids Canada team and many others for your determination and drive on the ground!


1. Kiwafu Orphanage School, Kiwafu, Uganda
2. Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy, Kabalagala, Uganda
3. PTMOF, Nansana, Uganda

Nggaali Kids Water ProjectP-53W

APRIL 2013

4. Undugu Family Drummers, Kosovo Lubaga, Uganda
5. Great Valley Children’s Centre and primary School, Makindye, Uganda
6. Step Up Uganda, Mukono, Uganda
7. Katosi Primary School, Katosi, Uganda



APRIL 2014

8. Uganda Kids Canada (U kids Can) branch in Rukingiri, Uganda
9. Rwenzori Needy Children Education Centre, Kasese, Uganda
10. Gwodeo, Jinja, Uganda
11. Uganda Kids Canada, Kabalagala, Uganda
12. Emma Kuvuma’s Art Centre, Kampala, Uganda
13.  Lungujja Community Health Caring Organisation, Nateete, Uganda
14.   Knene Ishmail,  LC1 Community Leader, Kabalagala




We now have 5 gardens of vegetables and medicinal herbs in organizations and communities with little to no land.  In some rural areas like Rukingiri – land is not a problem and they have generously donated seeds from their harvests to share with their friends in the city!  Thank you Rukingiri and to our donors who helped to kick start our garden projects with funds for seeds and transportation.  Excited to see that these projects have already started to sustain themselves as well as support other garden initiatives for their friends.




Not enough hours in a day to do all that we want to do here in Uganda but we are having lots of fun connecting with amazing organizations and schools.


WEBALE NYO / THANK YOU Dr. Christopher Mbowa, of Events Medical Managers, for inviting me to speak about our sustainable water filtration system project at the annual Uganda Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission Seminar on April 11th 2014.  Thank you to the committee for their warm reception and support.  Uganda Kids Canada is  excited to be working with you and Uganda to help reduce our carbon footprint in Uganda by reducing the use of plastic water bottles and the burning of our natural resources, coal and wood, to boil and purify our water.


Uganda Kids Canada Art and Literature Event in Kampala coming soon in May 2014. Watch our page 🙂

3 thoughts on “UGANDA KIDS CANADA 17 months 14 sustainable Biosand Water Filtration Systems

  1. wobusobozi moses

    Hello i am wobusobozi moses from Hoima , uganda, i am happy to meet you guys and the work your doing to change the world, i am teacher and also A director of moonlight ophanage Nursery and primary school with 200 kids now but also working together here can also be of good development, thanks for the work.

    1. MAYLYNN QUAN Post author

      Hello Moses – Webale nyo for connecting. We are presently working hard to set up our office in Bombo so that we will be able to connect with more schools. Please keep in touch. We connect schools and organizations that are able to bring something to the collective table so that we can share our resources. Please let us know how we can help each other! 🙂

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