Director of Rwenzori Action 4 development in Kasese, Uganda.
George is a musician and also performs and works tirelessly at Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy Center for Children and Youth – an initiative of Kiseminti Needy Children Organisation. We are proud to have George, the founder and director of Rwenzori Action 4 Development, working together with us to help push our projects in Kampala and in Kasese in the new year.

Kids Canada continues to help connect community organizations in both Uganda and in Canada.  Many wonderful connections were made last April.  Through Kids Canada supporters,  Melanie Arnold DuChateau and Kathy Darnell, both from the States,  we met Tony Arsh Kabuye who is the Project Coordinator at  Step Up Uganda.

Kids Canada, Mark Lezon of Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy, PTMOF and Undugu Family Drummers  were invited by Tony Arsh Kabuye to visit St John Bosco School in Katosi (a Step Up Uganda initiative).  The children of St John Bosco spoiled us with their dance performances and the children and leaders of Sosolya gave back through music and dance. Funds from Step Up Uganda, PTMOF and KIDS CANADA supporters provided food and transportation.


Children from both St John Bosco in Uganda and Dundas Junior Public School in Canada jointly raised funds for a Tiva biosand water filtration system, with a little top up of funds from Kids Canada supporters.  The highlight of the day was when local sound artist DJ Ema connected Fathers Heart Mobility Ministry with Step Up Uganda  to help mobilize and enable Brenda -one of their young students who had outgrown her old wheelchair.


Francis and Adrienne Mugwanya are raising the esteem and capability amongst PWDs in Uganda through their organization, Fathers Heart Mobility Ministry (,  since 2006 using free mobility, leadership education and advocacy.  Francis Mugwanya is the Founder and Director at Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry. Their dream: “No one having to crawl to get around anymore.”

Recently we heard from George Balikudembe that Jesca Schaar and Tina Nakato, (German volunteers working with Tony) had great news to share.  Once George saw Brenda last April – he was convinced that Brenda would walk one day.  An accident had left George confined to a wheelchair when he was young. Through surgery, rehabilitation and determination at Afaayo child health and rehabilitation unit  in Uganda –George was on his feet and has been unstoppable in all that he does.  George connected Brenda’s family to the centre that helped him and we have heard that Brenda will be on her feet this year -thanks to a generous American sponsor   : )

Acheru: Afaayo (Luganda for He cares) Child Health Education and Rehabilitation Unit. Based at Kabembe in Uganda, funded by Africare.


george-kiwafuw_MG_7898 copy

Thank you / webale nyo Balikudembe George of Rwenzori Action for Development for believing that Brenda could be out of her wheelchair and on her feet when you first met her. Your own strength and determination is an inspiration for all who meet you! Please support George as he continues to help others!


<div class=”fb-post” data-href=”; data-width=”466″><div class=”fb-xfbml-parse-ignore”><a href=”″>Post</a&gt; by <a href=”″>Step Up Uganda-Katosi projects</a>.</div></div>

“Brenda (14yrs) went for a Rehabilitation Operation at the Children Rehabilitation Unit of ACHERU HOSPITAL earlier this year.
Everybody thought this was a wastage of time and money, never believed she would at least stand with support!!!!!

The HOPES now are that she can even walk on crutches!!!! Her right leg was found still good, and operated. this is what she uses to stand now.

However, The bad news are that Her leg wounds are not healing because the bandages are not yet removed. this needs a shoe (not sure of the clinical name) costs UGx 150,000 so the bandages are removed to let the wounds heal!

Second, she needs clutches as soon as advised!! she was told never to use a #WHEEL CHAIR so to make the body prepared for another operation on her #Back . the crutches may cost $50.

if she gets a shoe and crutches, she will proceed for a second operation on the back………and finally she will use the crutches to walk!!!!!!!!

I would request you #friendsofSUU to help Brenda go through this life-changing experience successfully.

this is what SUU does in the communities, bringing back lost hope to those affected/infected by such situations.

Thank you all who lies in Support to Brenda.”  – STEP UP UGANDA

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