“Stolen Money Never Lasts.” -African Proverb

KIDS CANADA is….  Uganda Kids Canada and UKC Women.

KIDS CANADA – Kids Helping Kids.  We are non-denominational and non-political, we are supporters of all human rights and we believe in transparency and accountability -we demand nothing less from those we move with.  Work with us to break through the glass walls of stereotypes, gender and racial discrimination, dependency and entitlement -all that hold us back.  Tell us how we can help each other –Please do not come to us for hand outs.

Donor mistrust, donor fatigue and corruption continue to be our challenges -Staying focused on the amazing children and the women we work with keeps us all moving forward.  Defamation and blackmail are criminal offenses – we refuse to succumb to such threats and will continue to refuse to move with those who chose to eat more than their share at our collective table.

PLEASE NOTE WELL:     UGANDA KIDS CANADA and KIDS CANADA are no longer affiliated with Noah Nuhu Nabeeta of UMDA Uganda Music and Dance Academy, Solome Nanvule Ssembeguya of PTMOF Teen Mothers and the The Nggaali Project

KC and UKC are not accountable for any funds donated to the directors of the above and their affiliates.

“Stolen money never lasts.”  -African Proverb   “True worship is not from your mouth and lips that is singing and mere words but from your heart, your lifestyle.”  -Isiah 29:13

Thank you for your ongoing support. Together we all can.

Maylynn Quan, Director of Kids Canada and Uganda Kids Canada     quan.maylynn@gmail.com

Julius Bakyayita, Managing Director of Uganda Kids Canada               bakyayitajulius@gmail.com


Meet Maylynn ‘Namusisi’ Quan. Founder and the Director of the organisation ‘Kids Canada’ -kids helping kids, Under which…

Posted by Humans Of Uganda on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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