FOOD LITERACY  Sang Kim teams up with Kids Canada again

FOOD LITERACY Sang Kim teams up with Kids Canada again – this time in Canada!

Sang Kim prepped and cabbed  through one of our biggest Canadian snow storms to take on 50 of our kids here in Canada to teach them about food literacy via a sushi making class early Wednesday morning.  Early mornings are not easy for Sang, a Toronto restauranteur, who hosted an evening book launch the night before at his newest restaurant, Windup Bird Cafe.  The kids were easy on him : )


Toronto is fast paced and filled with fast food and other expensive social conveniences.  Excited that things are changing and moving towards a more organic and a back to basics path here in our city and around the world.  Ok. Truth is – Uganda is way ahead of us when it comes to eating fresh locally grown foods as they have been fortunate that the world of Western fast food has not hit them hard.  I was surprised to see a Boston Pizza and recently heard that KFC had made its way to Kampala to rival Uganda’s Chicken Tonight.  However, in my opinion, nothing beats the fresh roasted street foods of Kabalagala.  Did I mention everyone’s “fast food” favourite?  Chapatis and  Rolex can be found almost everywhere.

rolex chipatiwchickenvendorw

Chapati US $0.30   Rolex US$0.75 (egg omelet rolled up in a chapati with diced tomatoes, cabbage and onions)

Always great to slow down, step back and be reminded  that food and life does not have to be processed for our children.   Last April – Sang teamed up with Kids Canada  to introduce sushi to our young friends in Uganda. With the generous support from Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy and ISP in Africa,  Sang used skype to lead the  sushi making class that connected our kids across continents.  The children in Toronto and Kampala loved it and shared more than a sushi meal together.  Mark Lezon surprised our kids in Toronto with amazing performances by his dance troupe!

Definitely not a one time food experience.  The kids at Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy later made their own African sushi using their local seasoned rice -pilau. Think they will be making that again!   Webale nyo Uncle Katonyonyo 🙂


Check out the following links if you want to read more about our event:

Thank you Sang Kim and Dundas Jr Public School and First Nations Jr and Sr School of Toronto for hosting!

Kids Canada continues to help connect community organizations in both Uganda and in Canada.  Could not do what we do without you here in Toronto  – Sang Kim, Maria Arone, Celeste Mayers, Cathy Gallo, Melissa Hardill, Adam Pulpan, Jonathan Salvatore, Nada Ly, Loreen Gale, Lisa Lucas, Rachelle Landry and Tony Cassano.  Thanks for all that you do for the kids in our community and across continents 🙂


GrabberRaster 0000

Last November 2013,  Sang was invited to talk about Food Literacy and Children at TEDxYouth@Toronto.  The children at Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy were excited to watch his talk via live feed in Kampala. Thanks Mark Lezon Mugwanya! Ugandan food

You can watch it here:


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