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KIDS CANADA (Kids Can)  and UGANDA KIDS CANADA (U Kids Can) believe that not one organization can help every kid.  Connecting and supporting other organizations, schools and professionals, ensure no kid is left behind.  Health and Nutrition continue to be important for our kids.  We are EXCITED and PROUD TO BE MOVING WITH AMAZING HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND ORGANIZATIONS. 
We also want to thank our recent donors who have made generous donations and have given their time to help move our projects forward -especially for helping to cover the hidden costs to facilitate events such as our Uganda Kids Canada (U KIDS CAN) Art and Literature Day in May!   It was a fun filled day that brought many artists together.  Thank you Emma Kavuma’s Art, Art of A Child -Uganda, Ecojot and Softt Charlie.
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Every year, on her birthday, 13 year old DEANIE HARDING helps to change the world by researching and picking an organization to promote and to support. Deanie then selflessly requests money in lieu of birthday gifts from friends and family to support a cause she believes in. This year – we were deeply touched that she chose to support KIDS Canada….

THANK YOU DEANIE HARDING for generously donating your Birthday money to help move mountains for your friends in Canada and in Uganda!! Happy 13th!! Heartfelt thanks to mom, Kim Tanner and dad!!! x00x0x0x0x kaia, wyatt, Kids Can and U Kids Can.

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Thank you to Catharina Goldnau Ceramics and AL-Karim Wissangi and the Wissangi Grandkids, Carolyn Gavin of Ecojot, Downtown Camera, Lisa Lucas, Dundas Jr Public School, Michael Williams, Kwoi Gin, Arif Kanani and family, Wanda’s Creative Clay, UKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game, Kwoi Gin, Denise Lo, Aries Cheung & Al-Noor Wissangi, Andrew Ssebulime, Perez Nkwasiibwe, Eva Quan and family and kaia & Wyatt of The Lemon Jar for their generous donations and to each and every one of you who have taken the time to support us, not just monetarily, but through your purchases, special talents and skills, your words of wisdom 24/7 and especially to those who support us virtually through your LIKES and SHARES via social media.
Thank You LISA LUCAS, one of Wyatt’s most favourite teachers at Toronto’s DUNDAS JR PUBLIC SCHOOL, for donating two of your fabulous books – “SIMON” and “PENELOPOP”!

We have added it to our library of books to share with our friends at Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy and other friends at LIT CLUBs run by Sue Tusabe of Art of a Child.

LISA LUCAS has always been surrounded with kids. She has them. She teaches them. She reads to them, and now writes for them. For the last 9 years, she has taught Special Education in inner city schools promoting community partnerships and setting up programs for emerging and intermediate readers. She has also written for Reader’s Digest and freelanced for several newspapers. Lisa has joined forces with her longtime high school friend and illustrator, Laurie Stein, and together they are cooking up a batch of stories.” – Flying Books

We believe in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Every child is unique and many organizations cannot support the needs of every child due to limited resources.   Kids Canada (Kids Can) and Uganda Kids Canada (U kids Can), an initiative of Kids Canada, are organizations that believe in hand ups not handouts.  By helping to connect schools and organizations in Uganda and in Canada, no kids are left behind.
Clean water, nutrition and health continue to be important to KIDS CANADA (Kids Can) and UGANDA KIDS CANADA (U Kids Can).  We focus on sharing cultural experiences through arts and technology -but the access to healthy food choices, clean water and medical support are constantly our challenge.  We have jointly raised funds with the children and youth, in both Canada and in Uganda, for clean water and seeds for gardens. Twenty months under our belts and excited to see our vision slowly falling into place with the help of the most amazing people on board.
Last April, thanks to one of our partners, Dr Mbowa, we are now working with the Ugandan Olympic Committee to help reduce our carbon footprint in Uganda by partnering to bring sustainable biosand water filtration systems to the ground.  These last few months have taken us to another level as we strengthen our health initiatives by moving with some amazing health professionals and organizations:   Dr. Christopher Mbowa of Events Medical Managers, Maxensia Nakibuuka of Lungujja Community Health Caring Organisation in Uganda and Dr. Joseph Steyr and Michelle Heighington of Greystones Health in Canada.
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EVENTS MEDICAL MANAGERS  BACKGROUND: The project was inspired and initiated in Nov. 2007 by a group of young enthusiastic and energetic medical practitioners with in the Sports fraternity then, headed by Mr. Christopher Mbowa, a Sports Physician and promoted by the Uganda Olympic Committee Medical commission headed by Dr. Robert Zavuga in. July 2013 The UOC Medical Commission in 2013  licensed the project to operate a Sports therapeutic clinic under its patronage and which then opened its doors to the public for free consultations and subscription.
Events Medical Managers was named as a genesis of its service provision of modern out door events medical coverage in the growing world.
The project operates within the UOC offices under the Sports Medical Commission desk, Plot 2-10 Hesketh Bell Road Lugogo Sports Complex. P.o. Box 2610, Kampala.VISION
Total commitment to optimum and integrated realisation of athletes’ welfare, best injury free performance and environment and better productive Potentials.
To provide an effective and efficient outdoor medical service settings for the development of Sports medicine with intellectual dynamic and flexible individuals, principled and resource professionals and practitioners in the field of sports and events medical management.
1. Identifying, diagnosing and treating sports injuries of all types2. Prescribing exercises to all both injured and non injured to suite the therapeutic modalities of the type of injury to the athlete in question3. Teaching and educating medical practitioner on the latest injury manipulation techniques and management procedures as well as injury prevention modules as the basis of our services4. Identifying weight training programmes of individuals in respect to their age, sex and ability5. Medical coverage, ambulance and evacuation services on sports events and other events/ceremonies both indoor and outdoor as required6. Anti-doping exercises on events and private individuals in collaboration with Regional Anti-doping Association (RADA)For More information, contact.
Christopher E. Mbowa (Mr)
Sports Physician
Project coordinator
chrismbowa@gmail.com”When people are seated, stand up.
When they stand up, stand out.
When they stand out, get outstanding.
And when they get outstanding, set the standards.” Christopher E. Mbowa, Uganda
Specialists  in healthcare,  counseling and guidance.   +256 414 599 005/ +256 712 813 593

MAXENSIA NAKIBUUKA, Founder/ Chief Executive officer of (LUCOHECO).I founded this organization on 25th May. 2005 after testing and was found HIV positive in August, 1998, and thereafter the death of my husband in December, 1999. I am now survived with four children and 4 other beneficiaries of brothers and sisters who also died in the AIDS scourge over ten years ago.

It is upon this background that I developed an idea of settling up an initiative that would provide awareness, primary health care, treatment, care and support to the communities in the home settings of Lubaga Division more especially to people infected with or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the orphans and vulnerable children as well as women, by providing psychosocial, spiritual and economic support to the terminally ill patients and their affected families.

Since the initiation of the above project we have worked with the Community Health workers of LUCOHECO, the community based structures and individuals such as the local and religious leaders, to educate the masses on care and providing support to the affected families towards the mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS scourge. The organization has a number of 56 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 20 Community Based Volunteers (CBVs). The total number of patients who have accessed treatment from the centre is over 30,000 general patients since 2005. Of whom 911 have been registered on ARVs by Kamwokya Christian Caring Community, Mulago Hospital, Mengo Hospital and JCRC after being referred there by LUCOHECO


GREYSTONES HEALTH your path to health and well being in Toronto, Canada.  Greystones Health is a mobile natural healthcare team specializing in corporate health and wellness.


http://www.greystoneshealth.com Tel:  (416) 636-6675

DR. JOSEPH STEYR  is a Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of Greystones Health. He has an interest in endocrinology (hormones) and their impact on the development of chronic diseases. Joseph also has a focus on pediatric and family health. He sees his career as a perfect union between his two passions: alternative medicine and the environment. He brings a blend of conventional medical sciences and traditional health philosophies into his practice, which allows him to see a person’s health from multiple points of view.

About Dr. Joseph Steyr

Joseph earned his first degree in Environmental Sciences at York University, with focus on plant ecology and waterway systems.   While completing an undergraduate degree, Joseph learned to search for the common thread that binds living things, and the root causes of health concerns and diseases. When he finished his first degree, Joseph knew he was committed to health and the environment.

Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Joseph lived in Taiwan for several years before pursuing his naturopathic training, and had the opportunity to immerse himself in a culture with an alternative approach to health. The experience taught him how to pursue healing from a less conventional perspective.

When Joseph returned to Canada he accepted an apprenticeship working at an organic farm in Ontario. He decided that he wanted to learn about alternative medicine and organic food from the ground up. He spent a whole season on an organic farm where he was involved with growing fresh, crisp produce. In this natural environment, Joseph thought about what it meant to eat locally grown, organic food and the impact that it has on one’s health.

Realizing that he needed more answers to the idea of root causes of illness and disease, Joseph enrolled at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (“CCNM”). After four years at school completing his second degree, Joseph became a naturopathic doctor.

Joseph Steyr and Kids Canada

Joseph is excited for the opportunity to work with Kids Canada so that he can utilize all of his areas of passion: naturopathic medicine, organic farming and environmental science. He firmly believes that the health of the soil and ecological environment are intimately connected to people’s health, and to achieve good health one must start from the ground up. This means access to clean water and sustainable nutritious locally grown food.

Joseph not only wishes to share his knowledge, but to work with local communities to learn and exchange ideas of sustainable ecology.

Michelle Heighington  B.A., RNCP ROHP is a registered nutritionist and co-founder of Greystones Health. She has over eight years of specialized experience helping clients take a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

About Michelle Heighington  

A graduate of the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition and the University of Toronto’s medical anthropology specialist program, Michelle has counselled clients with a wide variety of medical conditions, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, food allergies, women’s health issues, and digestive tract disorders.

Michelle is passionate about how views of health and nutrition differ across cultures. Her studies in medical anthropology took her to a hospital in northern Namibia, where she studied the geopolitical obstacles local residents faced when accessing nutritious food. During her internship, she had the chance to study how access to food impacted HIV transmission and patient outcomes.

Michelle Heighington and Kids Canada

Ever since Michelle came home from Namibia, she’s longed to go back and work alongside the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others find their path to health. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with Kids Canada and share her nutrition knowledge, as well as learn about unique dietary customs from local communities. Michelle has witnessed firsthand the impact that accessible nutritious food can have on one’s health. She is eager to work with Dr. Steyr and Kids Canada to build locally sustainable food networks that support the health of the community.

Thank you Dr. Christopher Mbowa,  of Events Medical Managers,  for inviting KIDS CANADA to speak at The UGANDA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE’S SPORT and ENVIRONMENT COMMISSION conference in April.  We were excited to share our clean water initiatives and excited to partner with the UOC.   Together we can all help to reduce our carbon footprint in the world we share through our Water and Garden Projects by reducing the use of plastic water bottles, and the use of coal and wood used to purify water through boiling.  Help us to bring clean water, nutritious food and traditional medicinal herbs to the table for vulnerable kids in both Canada and in Uganda so that our kids and youth can continue to focus on their life passions.



Not enough hours in a day to do all that we want to do here in Uganda but we are having lots of fun connecting with amazing organizations and schools.


WEBALE NYO / THANK YOU Dr. Christopher Mbowa, of Events Medical Managers, for inviting me to speak about Uganda Kids Canada and our sustainable biosand water filtration system project at the annual Uganda Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission Seminar on April 11th 2014.  Thank you to the committee for their warm reception and support.  Uganda Kids Canada and TivaWater, Kampala are  excited to be working with you and Uganda to help reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of plastic bottled water and the use of our natural resources, coal and wood, to boil and to purify water.


Thank You / Webale Nyo  UGANDA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE  FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS  handwritten on the back of a certificate of participation I was presented with.  Collected by Dr.Christopher Mbowa (webale!) I apologize for the misspelling of names.  🙂

“I can’t believe the world has good people like you.”   William Frederick Blick, Chairman UOC Sports and Environment.

“Please be our partner.”  Fred Marso, UOC Sports and Environment Committee

“You should be our partner in changing the nation.”   J.B. Barnanka, Sports Tutor,  Makerere University

“Very nice work and please do not stop.”  Migator Martin, Sports and Environment Coach

“Very nice presentation.”   Sempijja Martin, District Sports Officer

Good work. I love it. Can I join you please???”  Betty Akello, Lubiri SS Coach

“So grateful.”  Immaculate Chocha, UOC women and Sports

“Mr. Katende Norman likes all you do.”  New Vision Newspaper and Secretary for UOC Sport and Environment.

“I like all that you do!”   Dr.Daniel Balsikwa, Consultant Environmentalist

“Thanks my nurse.”   Susan Nansereko , Nurse, Events Medical Manager

“Thank you for your facilitation and contribution towards the environment in Uganda.”  Dr.Christopher Mbowa,  UOC Medical Commission