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KC and UKC Kids divert over 8000 Plastic Water Bottles From Dumps and Land fills


This year many of our KC kids graduated to high school. They worked hard with their friends in Uganda for four years raising funds that brought agricultural tools, seeds, gardens, photography workshops, Halloween, clean water and a Plastic Bottle Brick Hut to the grounds of Uganda.  Next year their efforts will bring clean water to our kids here in Canada.


We wish them all success and amazing adventures as they continue to make a positive difference to our beautiful world! We love you all so much!! ❤



GUEST BOTTLE BRICK HUT What better way to have our kids in Canada and in Uganda learn about traditional  methods of building, and also introduce them to innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, than to have them work together to build a plastic bottle brick hut in Uganda. Together our kids helped to keep the streets of Kampala, Bombo and Kirerangalo clear of plastic water bottles by diverting over 8000 plastic water bottles from dumps and landfills.

BOTTLE BRICKS, also called ECO BRICKS, are created by filling the bottles with soil or plastic waste.  They are deemed to be up to 20 times stronger than a traditional brick and are used in many parts of the world to build houses and other structures.  The bottle bricks produced by our kids were used to construct the first of 6 Guest Huts to be built that will help generate sustainable income to push other micro businesses at our  UKC Centre of Art and Technology.


“Imagine Kids everyday collecting bottles then selling them to recycling companies yet their parents struggle to get money to invest in bricks!” -Totem Mc.  Totem is just one of our youth team leaders who is excited to share our ideas with his family and friends in his home village outside of Kampala, Uganda. The production of bricks require the burning of wood – bottle bricks do not and is just one of the ways our kids are reducing their carbon footprint in their world.

Heartfelt THANKS to #QueenAlexandraMS and #DundasJrPS for continuing to help raise funds with their friends in Uganda for our Plastic Bottle Brick Hut.  A Pop Up Shop and a couple of Freezie Day Fundraisers have helped to move this joint project forward!



Heartfelt Thanks to Emma Nichols, Kristen McDonald, Rose Kady, Ella Kirk, Sarah Donald, Lori Locke, Celeste Mayers, Catharina Goldnau Ceramics, Helen Quan, Mary and Graham Quan Hyatt, Thurka Navaratnam, Kyla Kirk and Melanie DuChateau.


Plastic Bottle Brick Engineers: Yusuf Bikumbi, Josephine Oyella, mcm EVO, Geofrey and Musa.

Freezie Team: Siya Navaratnam, Emily, Vivian, Avery, Simon, Rosie, Devon, Mathew, Anthony, Kaia and Wyatt.

Amazing posters made by Lori Locke and her students at Dundas Public school

Freezies generously donated by: Rose Kady, Sarah Donald and The Lemon Jar.
Samosas generously donated by: Siya and her lovely Mom Thurka Navaratnam.

POP UP STORE courtesy of Ella and Kyla Kirk

We can not do all that we do without each and every one of you!!  Funds raised help cover building materials, food and to help with transportation. We can still use a little more help. Please ask us how you can support our initiatives.🌸