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Not enough hours in a day to do all that we want to do here in Uganda but we are having lots of fun connecting with amazing organizations and schools.


WEBALE NYO / THANK YOU Dr. Christopher Mbowa, of Events Medical Managers, for inviting me to speak about Uganda Kids Canada and our sustainable biosand water filtration system project at the annual Uganda Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission Seminar on April 11th 2014.  Thank you to the committee for their warm reception and support.  Uganda Kids Canada and TivaWater, Kampala are  excited to be working with you and Uganda to help reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of plastic bottled water and the use of our natural resources, coal and wood, to boil and to purify water.


Thank You / Webale Nyo  UGANDA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE  FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS  handwritten on the back of a certificate of participation I was presented with.  Collected by Dr.Christopher Mbowa (webale!) I apologize for the misspelling of names.  🙂

“I can’t believe the world has good people like you.”   William Frederick Blick, Chairman UOC Sports and Environment.

“Please be our partner.”  Fred Marso, UOC Sports and Environment Committee

“You should be our partner in changing the nation.”   J.B. Barnanka, Sports Tutor,  Makerere University

“Very nice work and please do not stop.”  Migator Martin, Sports and Environment Coach

“Very nice presentation.”   Sempijja Martin, District Sports Officer

Good work. I love it. Can I join you please???”  Betty Akello, Lubiri SS Coach

“So grateful.”  Immaculate Chocha, UOC women and Sports

“Mr. Katende Norman likes all you do.”  New Vision Newspaper and Secretary for UOC Sport and Environment.

“I like all that you do!”   Dr.Daniel Balsikwa, Consultant Environmentalist

“Thanks my nurse.”   Susan Nansereko , Nurse, Events Medical Manager

“Thank you for your facilitation and contribution towards the environment in Uganda.”  Dr.Christopher Mbowa,  UOC Medical Commission