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KIDS CANADA On the grounds of Kampala, Uganda again!

On the grounds of Kampala, Uganda once again, and had the chance to catch our friends of Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy and Undugu Family Drummers performing with Grace Nakimera -one of Ugandan’s top musicians.

Thanks to our generous donors at Flashframe Digital in Toronto – we were able to kick start our garden projects to grow not only food but traditional herbal plants as well.

REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE.  Thank you for your 3Rs gardening ideas John Richard Pendergast.
There are now gardens in Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy Centre, Great Valley primary
school  and Children’s Centre and PTMOF Teen Mothers’ where there is little to no land for

IMG_3998garden projectsPMw
Uganda KIds Canada (U Kids Can) is looking forward to working with Toy In and Toronto
Seed Library through The Permaculture Project in GTA. Thanks Toy In for supporting our
garden projects here in Toronto and in Uganda.

DUNDAS JUNIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL and KIDS CANADA onto our second school year together.

THANK  YOU DUNDAS JUNIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL!  Here's to another amazing year with you!

Here’s to another amazing year with you!

Thank you Maria Arone, Cathy Gallo,  Michelle Hardill, Loreen Gale. Lisa Lucas, Nada Ly and Tony!

We are looking forward to working with you again this school year!
Please take the time to check out the cool site Dundas has up!!


kidscanDundas2edwin&step upW
Thank you / Webale Nyo Uganda Kids Canada for giving back to your friends at Dundas Jr Public School in Canada!   Your beautiful handmade paper bead jewelry helps support art programs in the school.

Nema Children’s Choir Uganda in Canada!

nema1306-1w nema1306-2w nema1306-3w nema1306-4w

Our friends from Uganda were here in Toronto in June 2013, with P. Daniel Mutibwa, to raise funds for their School and Home!  We were so happy to play host for one of their days.

Kids day out with Kids Canada, PTMOF, Art to Heart and The Nema Children’s Choir Uganda took us to Toronto Centre Island where the kids were treated to a full day of rides at the Centreville Amusement Park – thanks to our Kids Canada donors.  After a long fun day,  we prepared a wonderful dinner together -thanks to the generous gift card donations from Peter’s No Frills (Landsdowne) and our generous sponsors.  We were then treated to a beautiful performance of drums, dance and singing after dinner.  Kaia Quan-Heffron helped her friends make marshmallow squares and helped her friends to kick start a micro business making her signature flower rings from her company, The Lemon Jar.


Miriam Kutesa for helping with transportation to get the children to and from Centre Island!

Denise Lo, Art to Heart, for treating us all to Pizza and for all of your help!

Toronto Centre Island,  Pizza Pizza, Cigdem Coskun, Diana Tso, Kaia and Wyatt Quan-Heffron for your support!


KIDS Canada and PTMOF Teen Mothers  are hosting an event to bring a taste of Uganda to Toronto. Sample the popular street foods and home cooked comfort foods of Uganda -thanks to the generous support of our friends in and out of the Ugandan community. KIDS Canada and PTMOF Teen Mothers are teaming up to help raise funds for the vulnerable children and youth in Uganda.  PTMOF works with the growing number of children raising children in Uganda.  KIDS CANADA is all  about kids helping kids through the arts, technology and sustainable health projects.  Together we hope to support our kids and youth in both of our organizations but we need your help.   Grab some friends and stop by to taste some amazing dishes and to say hello!  Webale Nyo, Asante Sana, Merci Beaucoup and Thank You everyone for your ongoing support from day one -you have no idea what your support means to both us and those we are so fortunate to work with. x0x Solome Ssembeguya and Maylynn Quan HEARTFELT THANKS / WEBALE NYO to all of our generous donors and chefs who have stepped up to get the ball rolling towards Uganda AND to all those dropping by on Saturday, September 28th!! u-25 U-4 u-2 U-6 u-8U-7 u-12denise&diana




Rev. Zbigniew Kozar,

St. John’s Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church

Pastor RoseBeki

Mrs. Nteege

Mrs. and Mr. Jumba

No Frills

Maama Ntege Joan Mando

Mrs. Muganzi

Mrs. Ssekalala Christine

Senga Judith Gordon

Linda Ann michelle & Noah PapaAsante

Mugenyi Ema Popadiki

Miss Sheila Kalenge

DJ Morris Brigitte,

Dave, Alisha and Corina Butler

Chakula Tamu

Christine Piro of Exhibit Africa

Cigdem Coskun and Nathalie

Claudio Gaudio

David Kibuuka

Denise Lo

Diana Babirye Semwogerere

Doreen Dotto of Ukloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

Eva Quan,

Mary Quan,

Helen Quan,

Steve Quan,

Anthony Quan

Al Quan

Mark Quan

George Quan

Christine Chui

Kaia and Wyatt Quan-Heffron

Fred Zink

Innocent Karuhanga of Linkin Eventz

Lisa Kitagawa, Kate and Jason

Loren, RIck, Ali, Mathew Wong

Mary Derouard

Nofisa, Rashidah and Rahima Nortay

Petal Moore

Petra Jory

Sang Kim

Kwoi Gin

R. Isaac Mukasa and Charlotte Mukasa

Emma Donnaly

YakitoriBar on Baldwin

St Timothy Anglican Church of Scarborough

Wind up Bird Cafe



Sang Kim is an award-winning fiction writer, playwright, chef and restaurateur. He is the recipient of the Gloria Vanderbilt Prize for Short Fiction. His upcoming third book, WOODY ALLEN ATE MY KIMCHI, takes a candid and humorous look behind-the-scenes at some of the top restaurants and hotels in Ontario. He is the owner of the popular Yakitori Bar, Seoul Food Co. and Windup Bird Café restaurants in downtown Toronto. He also runs Sushi Making For The Soul, a weekly sushi-making class, where he merges his passions for Japanese cuisine, sustainable seafood, and food literacy for children. In 2014, he will be conducting the world’s largest sushi making class which will connect thousands of children from all seven continents via the internet to raise awareness about the need for food literacy programs in the public school system. He is currently planning an urban garden on his Windup Bird Café property for the children of the community.

Thanks Sang Kim -for supporting KIDS Canada  on this stretch of our journey. Kampala/Toronto sushi event last April was a success and we look forward to hearing all about it on your Ted’s Talk in Toronto this November!

All eyes on you SANG on November 16th, 2013 at Toronto’s TED Talks!!


STREET FOOD research with PTMOF and Sora Olah in Toronto -on a mission to exchange street food ideas with Kampala!

STREET FOOD  researchT&T Cherry Street Night Market,    Toronto Canada       July 21 2013

csfnans w cs-shinjiw cs9solw cs8solw

AgakAgakHawk!  A Chop Suzies Colllective event to help bring new street foods to Toronto.

The city of Toronto, sadly, supports only Hot Dog vendors -definitely does not reflect the multicultural diversity of our city.

Certainly missing a few of Kampala’s favourites!!

Nile Perchw munonyow                                               Freshly caught Nile Perch in Munonyo, Uganda

rolex chipatiwchickenvendorw

Rolex  (fried egg, fresh sliced tomatoes and onions rolled in a chipati) and fresh roasted chicken  vendors can be found everywhere in Kabalagala, Uganda

Kids Canada Photography and Water Project

Kids Canada Photography and Water Project

October 2012    Kiwafu Orphanage School  Kiwafu,  Mukono District

Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy brought in generators and instruments to make this day one
day we will never forget!  Webale nyo Mark Lezon for always making things move at incredible
speeds and to heights we never think are possible!  Thanks to PTMOF, The Nggaali Project
Undugu Family Drummers and Great Valley Children’s Center for helping to make this the day
what it was as we watched our children giving back.  An empowering day for all.
Thanks again to Kids Canada supporters, especially Loren Wong and family and neighbours for
helping us to raise enough funds through a cupcake and hot chocolate stand initiative to help
purchase 2 Tiva biosand water filtration systems. The children of Kiwafu Orphanage school
and  Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy are enjoying clean filtered water.
semambo-kiwafu4 semambo-kiwafu2 sharon&juliet   sos-kiwafu6 sosolya-kiwafu1210 sos-kiwafu9     george-kiwafuwnoah-kiwafuGV&Khenryw
NG1A&E Soap 3

KIDS CANADA -Connecting Schools and Organizations


Joining hands on the ground  APRIL 2013

Kids Canada helps to connect schools and organizations on the ground.  We all believe in sharing our ideas and resources to empower our children and youth. 

Lusagala Bosco from Great Valley Children’s Centre planning and sharing ideas with the staff of Samlange Nursery and Daycare – a PTMOF Teen Mothers’ initiative to support the children that are no longer babies : )

slIMG_1034 copy

edwin&step upWbrendaW

PTMOF and KC emergency shelter initiative

PTMOF and KC emergency centre initiative

APRIL 2013

Swimming pool soon to be a conference centre and an emergency shelter for our young girls.

PTMOF currently runs out of Solome’s family home that was built for her family by her Canadian father, Reverand Father Raynald Pelletier. In her early years, her younger brother, Michael had this pool built to help support their family by charging a small entrance fee. He now runs and teaches classes in a larger pool he has built nearby in Nansana.

As PTMOF grew, and the babies grew along with them, the pool became dangerous for their toddlers. Solome was advised to fill it in but decided to think outside of the box to bring the Canadian basement to Uganda.




Heartfelt thanks to KIDS Canada supporter, Eva Quanhin, for helping PTMOF with supplies and skilled help to build the structure and the roof.

Heartfelt thanks to Al-Karim Wissanji, architect and designer, for taking PTMOF to the next level with design and planning advice.

PTMOF and Kids Canada water project

PTMOF and Tiva Water project

October 2012

Heartfelt Thanks to Kids Canada supporters, NOFISA NARTEY and her girls, Rahima and Rashidah of Toronto, Canada. -originally from Ghana, Africa.   Together with PTMOF there is now clean drinking water for PTMOF  moms and babies.