Kids Canada Photography and Water Project

Kids Canada Photography and Water Project

October 2012    Kiwafu Orphanage School  Kiwafu,  Mukono District

Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy brought in generators and instruments to make this day one
day we will never forget!  Webale nyo Mark Lezon for always making things move at incredible
speeds and to heights we never think are possible!  Thanks to PTMOF, The Nggaali Project
Undugu Family Drummers and Great Valley Children’s Center for helping to make this the day
what it was as we watched our children giving back.  An empowering day for all.
Thanks again to Kids Canada supporters, especially Loren Wong and family and neighbours for
helping us to raise enough funds through a cupcake and hot chocolate stand initiative to help
purchase 2 Tiva biosand water filtration systems. The children of Kiwafu Orphanage school
and  Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy are enjoying clean filtered water.
semambo-kiwafu4 semambo-kiwafu2 sharon&juliet   sos-kiwafu6 sosolya-kiwafu1210 sos-kiwafu9     george-kiwafuwnoah-kiwafuGV&Khenryw
NG1A&E Soap 3

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